Experience the Art of Chocolate

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Do it your way

ORION Atelier is the place where tradition mingles with creative freedom. Release your imagination and create a chocolate of your dreams.

1 Velvet base

Thanks to 120 years of our expertise, a chocolate containing 68% of cocoa has been created boasting intensive, yet well balanced taste. Our Chocolate master is using this chocolate to create a velvet soft basis which only you can bring to life.

2 Dive in

Do you prefer flawless combination of flavours, perfect design or do you want to combine both? It's just up to you! Besides our regular offer, we change the ingredients according to actual season, so you can try new tastes and combinations on every visit.

3 Wrap and delight

To perfect your chocolate, let us pack it into one of our luxury signature star envelopes. Our packagings bear a master handwriting of Zdeněk Rykr, who has created the legendary ORION star and gave brand it's look. And because quality design can never get old, we enjoy it again nowadays.

Chocolate workshops

Choose from our offer of chocolate workshops and come to enjoy this exceptional experience in ORION Ateliér! Our courses are led by experienced chocolate masters – Martin or Eliška. We only work with fresh ORION chocolate with 68% amount of cocoa and natural ingredients. You will leave the workshop with sweet experiences, new knowledge about chocolate and, of course, your hand-made products. You will get a certificate of workshop compliance too!

Workshops are listed daily and we will be happy to meet your time needs. Please order and confirm the exact date on phone number +420 725 333 800 or contact us via e-mail: praha@orion-atelier.cz.


Uncover the secret of chocolate making and experience it with your own hands.

Number of participants: 2 to 8
Price per person: 1 490 Kč
Duration: 1.5 to 2 hrs

You will learn interesting facts about the history of chocolate and become familiar with the process of making it.

You'll have a chance to create handmade chocolate truffles, seasonal chocolate, decorate your own chocolate or ice cream and also chocolate lollipops.

We will introduce you to the secret of proper chocolate tempering and its possibilities in home-made desserts preparation.

During the workshop we will offer you coffee, soft drinks and a glass of prosecco.

Pralines and Chocolate Truffles workshop

Workshop for everyone who wants to try the creative process of chocolate making.

Number of participants: 2 to 8
Price per person: 2 500 Kč
Duration: 2.5 to 3 hrs

This workshop includes an introduction to the history of chocolate and its journey from the bean to final chocolate products.

You will learn to prepare several types of filling (bitter ganache, caramel, nougat and others), casting chocolate shells of pralines and decoration with cocoa butter or gold.

You can prepare handmade chocolate truffles and reveal several ways and tricks to make perfect truffles in your home.

The price of the workshop includes soft drinks, coffee and prosecco.

for children

A sweet workshop for our little ones. Recommended age from 4 years.

Number of participants: 2 to 10
Price per person: 500 Kč
Duration: 1 to 1.5 hrs

Workshop includes an entertaining test of recognizing individual ingredients blindfolded.

Children can create and decorate their own chocolate lollipops.

Also, they can create their own chocolate and decorate an ice cream or fruit skewer according to their taste, under the guidance of our chocolate master.

During the workshop we will offer you hot chocolate, non-alcoholic drink and a sparkling “wine” for children.

And it does not end with chocolate

In addition to your sweet experience, we have prepared for you chocolate lollipops, exclusive pralinès and cornets full of chocolate pieces. To top it all, we offer a cup of quality coffee Nespresso.

Our offer

  • Praline 20 Kč
  • Decoration with gold +10 Kč
  • 3 pcs 89 Kč
  • 6 pcs 149 Kč
  • 12 pcs 269 Kč
  • 24 pcs 499 Kč
  • 60 pcs 1 399 Kč
  • 120 pcs 2 499 Kč
  • 180 ks 3 499 Kč
  • Transparent package 100g 159 Kč
  • Gifting package 100g 179 Kč
  • Transparent package 450g 499 Kč
  • Decoration with gold +99 Kč
  • Chocolate pieces 100g 119 Kč
  • Lollipop 29 Kč
  • Lollipop with sprinkles 39 Kč
  • Shot of chocolate 39 Kč
  • Hot chocolate ORION 68% 59 Kč
  • Espresso, Lungo 59 Kč
  • Cappuccino 69 Kč
  • Latté 79 Kč
  • Flavour +10 Kč
  • Whipped cream +10 Kč
  • Using your own mug -10 Kč
  • Tea 39 Kč
  • Daily offer